Our Story

Have you ever gone into a dark and dimly-lit sushi establishment and dared to ask for an ingredient substitution in a maki roll or asked them to switch a couple of unknown sushi pieces to something you would prefer? The partners of Maki My Way did and the experience was both terrible and exasperating as we got an answer of "no we can't do that" over and over again, all the while getting this weird look like we are from Mars for even making such a request. After years of being denied simple change requests, three friends that share a passion for quality, affordable and fresh sushi decided it was time to revolt - change the rules and open up a place that is bright, well lit, fast-casual and most importantly, a place that finally would answer "YES we can do that for you". From that day, the Maki My Way concept was born - and our courage to stand up to an old and established tradition of just saying “NO” will change the sushi dining experience, forever!

What Drives Us

We wanted to open a fast, casual, Japanese-themed establishment that understands & is deeply passionate about its customers. We know that it’s our customers that make our business successful, regardless of food quality & taste.
By providing the option to our customers to select what ingredients go into their roll or providing the option to customize their own grab and go box, we at Maki My Way feel that we are doing our part to make the customer feel special and we don't just stop there! Customer service is what drives us - from the moment we open to the minute we close!

Other philosophies that drive us include: Freshness & quality always, no compromises - Creating a tasty menu that promotes healthy eating habits - Packaging that is environmentally friendly - Supporting local communities